Looking to weigh in on Intersections 2018?

Here are four ways you can get involved in the design and planning of Intersections 2018:

1.    Join a session already in the schedule. From the schedule we've introduced - what sessions do you think you could be a great fit as a presenter? Let us know that you’d like to participate.


2.     Propose a new session. Propose your own session for one of the "Hot Topic" blocks. Consider…

  • What experiences, tips, victories or lessons learned do you want to share with peers?
  • What is the biggest pain point or problem that you want to work through with others?
  • What conversations are you having locally that we should talk about on the national level?

3.     Submit an idea for IGNITE! Submit a creative strategy, approach, or initiative worth celebrating. Let us know that it should be featured for consideration during the “IGNITE! Community Pitch-Fest” and be considered for the coveted "Voters' Choice" Award.

  • Share your transformative innovations, wins, and game changers.
  • Finalists will be invited to “make their pitch” at Intersections 2018 and to compete for the coveted “Voters Choice” award.'
  • Submitting a nomination is easy - you can nominate yourself or someone else. We’re simply looking for a 2-3 sentence description of a program or project from the past 10 years that excites you. The scale can be big or small but, either way, it should be a game changer.

4.     Nominate someone for the Inclusive Communities Award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field and that specifically advance access to opportunity.

  • We’re simply looking for a 2-3 sentence description of why the nominee would be a great fit for this award.

We are looking for ideas that will of be interest to our target conference audiences:

  • Housing Staff and Practitioners - individuals who work in long-term affordable housing programs, on the municipal or nonprofit level
  • Policy Adopters - individuals who are in the process of adopting and implementing a long-term affordable housing program or policy
  • Policy Shapers - individuals who draft local policies from either a municipal or an advocacy background
  •  ...and anyone working to create and sustain inclusive communities.

How we'll put your ideas to use, and what happens next:

  • It's important to note that we're not just looking for content suggestions--we're looking for you to actively lead, present, and engage in sessions onsite in Pittsburgh.
  • In addition to sharing your stories on the national level and raising the profile of your organization or program, conference presenters will receive a discounted registration rate.
  • Once we've received all of the session submissions- by Monday, July 16, we'll review them to align your ideas with the conference design, seeking to maximize diversity among presenters.