Suggested Audience(s):
Government Practitioners, Policy Makers, and Advocates
May 8, 2019
2pm-3:30pm est /
11am-12:30pm pst
Stephanie Reyes & Namon Freeman
Grounded Solutions Network
Art Rodgers
DC Office of Planning
Aakash Thakkar
Hundreds of communities across the country have adopted inclusionary housing (IH) policies and experienced great outcomes. Yet, questions persist about whether inclusionary housing policies will decrease the rate of housing production or raise the price of market-rate housing. Join Grounded Solutions Network as we uncover the truth of how real estate economics are affected by inclusionary housing policies. Participants will be presented with the latest research on the economics of inclusionary housing and will have the chance to learn more from policy makers themselves. Art Rodgers, from the DC Office of Planning, will discuss how DC has carefully crafted its IH policy and what the net effects were on the market. Aakash Thakkar, Senior Vice President of Land Acquisition and Development at EYA, will recount his experience as a developer working with inclusionary housing policies, throughout the DC-metro area. Join this training for an opportunity to learn more about how inclusionary housing can be possible in your municipality. Co-presented in partnership with the Urban Land Institute.