Full Name
Evelyn Dobson
Job Title
Delray Beach Community Land Trust
Speaker Bio
Evelyn Dobson – Executive Director, a Founder of the Delray Beach Community Land Trust (DBCLT) She served as a board member of the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency during the DBCLT start-up in 2005, served as a DBCLT Board Member in 2006, became employed by the DBCLT in 2007 as Operations Manager, appointed as Interim Executive Director in November of 2008 and as Executive Director in 2009. Her professional career also includes more than eighteen years of property management, for profit housing development, and eight years of banking. As Executive Director since May of 2009 her position encompasses a broad range of functions. Also includes overseeing all aspects of the housing program services, supervising a staff of 3 full-time employees, implementation of organizational policies and procedures, planning and supervision of development projects, interacting with local governance, partners and affiliates. The DBCLT Affordable Housing Program land assets are more than $6,000,000.00. The housing portfolio consist of 68 owner occupied units and the management of 43 rental units.
Evelyn Dobson