Intersections 2018: Pursuing Racial Justice through Housing
At Intersections 2018 we will explore how to work collectively in order to make inclusive communities the new norm. With sound policy and effective action, we can shape our communities to be equitable and filled with opportunity for all. As neighborhoods grow and change, we can make sure that happens in a way that is good for the people who live there. We ensure that families can put down roots without fear of being forced out and that people who are providing essential services can also live in the communities they serve. Strong communities have diverse housing options for a variety of incomes, offering choice and opportunity for all residents.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act yet, despite the original intent of the policy, racially segregated residential communities and the lack of equal housing opportunity remains a harsh reality for far too many Americans. At Intersections 2018, we seek to illuminate both the opportunities and challenges inherent in the struggle to achieve equitable progress, including frank conversations regarding continuing barriers and potential solutions.
To further this conversation, we will be offering sessions discussing:
  • Creative local, state and federal policies that can advance racial justice
  • Innovative program practices that lead to more racially just outcomes
  • Gentrification, displacement and strategies for preserving vibrant African American communities
  • Concrete, pragmatic local housing policies and programs that advance both economic equity and racial justice
At the core of the Intersections experience you’ll find people and programs devoted to lasting affordability and strong housing policies from community land trusts, Habitat affiliates, inclusionary housing programs, local policy makers and advocates from across the country. This year, we will be hosting the conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and look forward to partnering with local members to bring some Pittsburgh spirit and flair to general sessions, panel discussion, receptions and tours!

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