Full Name
Jillian Olinger
Job Title
Interim Assistant Executive Director
KIRWAN Institute
Speaker Bio
Jillian has spent over a decade working with and on behalf of marginalized residents in central Ohio and across the country. She currently serves as Interim Assistant Executive Director at The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race & Ethnicity, and oversees the Division of Housing and Civic Engagement. As an engaged researcher, Jillian has deep expertise in a variety of social justice issues, including fair housing and fair credit; the intersection of child well-being and community development; and healthy neighborhoods. Jillian’s work has afforded her the privilege of traveling around the country engaging with folks from all walks of life seeking to make positive transformations in their communities. Jillian is pleased to serve as a Commissioner on the Columbus Women’s Commission, and on the Advisory Committee of the Move to PROSPER demonstration program.

Jillian’s current research interests focus on the demographic and economic changes facing our nation and communities, and the policy implications of these—advocating that our federal policy-making and our community development decisions reflect these new realities and seek to ensure that opportunity remains available to everyone in our communities. In particular, she is focused on the racial wealth gap, and making meaningful inroads in addressing this gap at both a national policy level and at a grassroots level.

Jillian graduated from The Ohio State University in 2009 with a Masters in City & Regional Planning, and a Masters in Public Policy & Management.
Jillian Olinger