Suggested Audience(s):
CLT & Nonprofit Staff, Advocates, Government Practitioners, and Policy Makers
April 10, 2019
2pm-3:30pm est /
11am-12:30pm pst
Beth Sorce
Grounded Solutions Network
Russ Barclay & Byron Mitchell
Lexington CLT
Cities and towns all across the country want to know how to make their homeownership dollars go further—whether through serving more households over a longer period of time or reaching lower income households through larger investments. More and more, cities are adopting resale- restricted homeownership models to achieve their goals. Join Russ Barclay, (Executive Director) and Byron Mitchell (Resident Ambassador) of Lexington CLT, and Beth Sorce (Director of Capacity Building) of Grounded Solutions Network, as we discuss how to implement homeownership policies and programs focusing on lasting affordability to fit your city’s needs. Attendees will learn the nuance of different affordable homeownership structures, the purposes they serve, and how they can be utilized to maximize the public investment.