100 Level Course
Suggested Audience(s):
CLT & Nonprofit Staff, Government Practitioners
4-part Training:
April 2, April 9, April 16, April 23
2:30-4:00 PM est / 11:30-1:00 PM pst
Julie Brunner
This introductory level course is for municipal and nonprofit practitioners who are either adopting an affordable pricing policy and formula for the first time or revisiting their current practices. A basic understanding of subsidy retention is helpful for this course. It is important to develop a thoughtful affordable pricing policy as homes that are priced too high may lose affordability quickly and be hard to market. Homes that are priced too low may require too much subsidy for homeowner success and program sustainability. This course will walk you through the different considerations of affordable pricing and then discuss the pros and cons of various resale formulas that will help you meet your community’s needs and priorities.
This course is $170 for Grounded Solutions Network members, and $220 for non-members. Interested in applying for a need-based reduced registration rate? Fill out this application form before you register.