Full Name
Dina Melic
Job Title
Homeowner and Board Member
San Juan Community Land Trust
Speaker Bio
Dina has been a resident of San Juan Island WA since 1998 when she immigrated from war torn Bosnia and Hercegovina. She is the very first homeowner of San Juan Community Home Trust (Salal neighborhood) since 2004. She served as member of Board of Directors from 2011 untill 2017, treasurer from 201 to 2017. She is still part of finance committee for the Home Trust.

In the community Dina serves as treasurer for San Juan Island School District Levy and Bonds from 2012 to present. She runs a small property/house management business for 18 years and does bookkeeping as well. Since 2014, she has served as a Resident Ambassador for Grounded Solutions Network, an organization that represents permanently affordable housing organizations across the county and that works with every CLT nation wide.
Dina Melic