Full Name
Shannon Milliman
Job Title
Proud Ground
Speaker Bio
Shannon Milliman is a Proud Ground CLT homeowner and a Grounded Solutions Network Ambassador. She is a Training Analyst for the City of Portland and independently, a professional speaker/performer sharing keynotes and her one woman show, Not So Supernova at conferences and retreats about finding joy and humor even when life doesn't deliver what you expect www.shannonmilliman.com. Because of the stability her home affords she thrives through goal setting and volunteer service in her community with Proud Ground, Dress for Success OR, church and is an empowered and active citizen. She wrote articles for SherlterForce online publication and Their Story Is Our Story (Refugee advocacy) this year. She believes everyone has a powerful story and the more equipped they are to share their story the brighter this world will be.
Shannon Milliman