We've made some changes to the 2017 Training Institute!
We've heard from presenters and attendees alike, that 90 minutes isn't nearly enough time to dive deep into some of  the complexities of our field. This year we're dedicating two full days to this content, allowing attendees to get more out these sessions without interfering with the rest of our scheduled content.

Event Highlights

Cross Discipline Learning
Grounded Solutions Network’s annual conference is the go-to source for professional development within the CLT and shared equity fields. Thinking bigger, we aim to build “intersections” across broader disciplines and practices. In 2017 we will offer over 50 sessions and seminars designed to assist shared equity practitioners, advocates and allies in building strong programs and equitable communities across the nation. 
Bay Area Deep Dive
An affordability crisis is rocking the San Francisco Bay Area - the tech-boom and resulting gentrification of deep-rooted communities raises critical questions about the future of the region. Who gets to live there? Who benefits from the real-estate boom? These same challenges and opportunities are happening in other communities nationwide. We’ll spend a day exploring what’s working and what’s not as the Bay Area strives to move forward - and empower conference attendees to take these lessons home to their own communities. 
IGNITE! Awards
Attendees will be inspired by our 3rd Annual IGNITE! Awards and presentations. Practitioners will share their innovative solutions to develop and preserve inclusive communities - and the coveted “audience choice” award will be given to the most impactful pitch.