Thom Armstrong
Co-operative Housing Federation of BC
Executive Director

Andrew Aurand Aurand
National Low Income Housing Coalition
Vice President For Research

Marc Babsin Babsin
Emerald Fund

Rita Ballesteros
Fannie Mae
Product Development Manager

Joshua Barndt Barndt
Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust (PNLT)
Development Coordinator

Mandy Bartle
South Florida Community Land Trust
Executive Director

Ben Beach
Partnership for Working Families
Legal Director

Tara Beard Beard
Metropolitan Council
Housing Planning Analyst

Amanda Test2 Bennett Test2
Grounded Solutions Network

Michael Brown
Burlington Associats in Community Development

Gloria Bruce Bruce
East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO)
Executive Director

Julie Brunner Brunner
OPAL Community Land Trust
Housing Manager

Lisa Byers
OPAL Community Land Trust (OPAL)
Executive Director

Cindy Chavez Chavez
Santa Clara County

Ener Chiu Chiu
East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
Associate Director - Real Estate Development

Helen Cohen Cohen
Open Studio Productions

Randy Cole Cole
City of Columbia, Missouri
Housing Programs Supervisor

Sharon Cornu Cornu
Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California
Director Of Advocacy And Community Engagement

Naomi Cytron Cytron
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Regional Manager, Northern CA

John E Davis
Center for CLT Innovation, Global Land Alliance

James DeFilippis DeFilippis
Rutgers University

Tera Doak
Habitat for Humanity International
Associate General Counsel

Evelyn Dobson
Delray Beach Community Land Trust Inc.

Anna Dolmatch Dolmatch
City of Cambridge
Housing Planner

Nicki Duesberg
City of Oakland
Homeownership Programs Coordinator

Matthew Dunbar
Habitat for Humanity New York City
VP Government Relations & Advocacy

Juliet Ellis Ellis
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Chief Strategy Officer/Assistant General Manager For External Affairs

Tiffany Eng
Grounded Solutions Network
Program Director

Karoleen Feng
Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)
Community Real Estate Director

Amie Fishman Fishman
Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California
Executive Director

Pedro Galvao Galvao
Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California
Regional Planning And Policy Manager

Rebecca Giello Giello
City of Austin
Assistant Director

Bill Gilchrist Gilchrist
City of New Orleans
Director Of Place-Based Planning

Dev Goetschius
Housing Land Trust of Sonoma County
Executive Director

Julian Gross Gross
Law Office of Julian Gross

Peter Hainley Hainley
Casa of Oregon
Executive Director

Sacajawea Hall
Cooperation Jackson
Operations Coordinator

Catherine Harrington Harrington
National CLT Network, England and Wales

Kate Hartley Hartley
SF Mayor's Office of Housing & Community Development

Sasha Hauswald
Grounded Solutions
Director of State & Local Policy