Intersections 2017 is Going International!

Community land trusts, limited-equity co-operatives and other affordable housing practitioners are joining together to advance community-led housing efforts around the world.  In 2014, this global network launched the Social Production of Habitat Platform to increase the visibility of local practitioners and support their efforts.  
A primary goal of the Platform is to support new partnerships and peer-to-peer learning opportunities across national borders and the traditional North-South divide through the digital Platform and regional ‘Hub’ gatherings. Through a regional awards program that is connected to the World Habitat Awards, the visibility of community-led efforts and best practices is also increased. This work will strengthen practitioners' ability to build permanently affordable housing for those whose needs are not met by the government and private markets. In addition, the Platform partners are working to create a network of solidarity through common campaigns including the Shift Campaign of the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing, Leilani Farha, which 'shifts' the practice of community-led housing from the margins into the spotlight, and asserts that it is a key solution to our world's affordable housing crisis. 
The first North American Hub will be held this year as part of Intersections 2017. Grounded Solutions Network welcomes Canadian organizations and individuals to the conference as part of its new role as a North American leader of the Platform. 
Highlights from the Hub activities at the conference include a keynote presentation by Leilani Farha on the Shift Campaign (see above), a peer-exchange meal between US and Canadian CLTs and Co-ops, and the Ignite Awards for affordable housing innovation.
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